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James Doohan
James Doohan
Role Walter Brocken
Biographical Information
Full Name James Montgomery Doohan
Birthdate March 3, 1920
Birthplace Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Death Date July 20, 2005 (age 85)
Death Place Redmond, Washington, United States[1]

James Doohan portrayed Walter Brocken, a warlock who asked Samantha to babysit his son in the second season episode, "A Strange Little Visitor" (1965).


James Montgomery Doohan was a Canadian-American actor. He performed in character roles in hundreds of radio and television programs and in a number of movies before endearing himself to the television-viewing public with his portrayal of the chief engineer, Montgomery (“Scotty”) Scott, on the television series Star Trek during its three seasons (1966–69) and in seven Star Trek films.

Because he could not shed his identification with that character, he made it his career, appearing at fan gatherings and lecturing at colleges. He was credited with having inspired countless students to become engineers. Doohan’s autobiography, Beam Me Up, Scotty, was published in 1996.[2]

Doohan died at his home in Redmond, Washington, due to complications of pulmonary fibrosis. He was 85.[3]


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