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Jean Claude LeMatt Tab5
Jean Claude LeMatt
Biographical Information
Name Jean Claude LeMatt
Origin France
Residence Mountain Chalet ski resort
Mammoth Mountain, California
Occupation Ski Instructor
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Father (mentioned)
Former Minerva (romantic interest)
Sherry (romantic interest)
Kathy (romantic interest)
Character Information
Portrayer Richard Libertini
Episode Minerva Goes Straight

Jean Claude LeMatt is a French ski instructor. His father owns an onion farm.

LeMatt works as a ski instructor at the Mountain Chalet ski resort at Mammoth Mountain in California. He is a philanderer whom Minerva meets while on a ski trip with Tabitha, Adam, and Paul. He also romances Kathy, an employee at the resort, and Sherry, a guest.

He eventually goes mad due to Tabitha's miscalculated spell that makes him say and think only of Minerva, and he runs screaming from the room.