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Jimmy Caldwell
Jimmy Caldwell
Biographical Information
Name Jimmy Caldwell
Occupation Student
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Beatrice Caldwell (mother)
Tom Caldwell (father, mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Brian Nash
Episode "There's No Witch Like an Old Witch"

Jimmy Caldwell is Tom and Beatrice Caldwell's son. The Caldwells are friends of Darrin and Samantha.

Jimmy meets Aunt Clara while she, Darrin and Samantha have stopped by to take Bea downtown to meet with Tom for dinner. However, the babysitter has cancelled leaving Bea with no one to sit with her son. She decides to stay home with Jimmy and encourages the Stephenses and Clara to meet Tom downtown. Clara volunteers to stay with Jimmy so the others can keep their dinner plans. They object at first, but then accept her offer. In fact, Clara would prefer to stay with Jimmy.

Jimmy collects goldfish and shows them to Clara. Later, after Bea, Darrin and Samantha have left, Clara enchants Jimmy with a series of magical tricks - making his toy dog wag its tail, fixing his sailboat, producing a toy soldier and stuffing his pillow. Jimmy wishes she could live there.

He asks how she does these things and she tells him she is a witch.