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Joan Tompkins
Joan Tompkins
Role Harriet Walters
Biographical Information
Birthdate July 9, 1915
Birthplace Mount Vernon, New York, United States
Death Date January 29, 2005 (age 89)
Death Place Orange County, California, United States

Joan Tompkins played Harriet Walters in the fourth season episode "Once in a Vial" (1967).


Joan Tompkins was an American actress of television, film, radio and stage, who co-founded with her husband, Karl Swenson, an acting company in Beverly Hills, California.

In 1938, at the age of twenty-three, she joined Henry Fonda in performing plays in White Plains, New York. Thereafter, she performed on radio in the soap opera role of Nora Drake on "This Is Nora Drake", which ran on CBS radio until 1959. She appeared on Broadway in New York City in stage productions of "Pride and Prejudice" and "My Sister Eileen".

In the 1962-1963 television season, Tompkins played legal secretary Trudy Wagner in twenty-eight episodes of Edmond O'Brien's NBC legal drama "Sam Benedict", co-starring Richard Rust. From 1967-1970, she guest starred nine times as Lorraine Miller in Fred MacMurray's CBS situation comedy, "My Three Sons", with her last appearance in the episode "St. Louis Blues" on December 19, 1970.

Personal Life[]

Tompkins was born on July 9, 1915, in Mount Vernon, New York.

She married actor Bruce MacFarlane in 1941. Their divorce date is unknown.

During her radio performances, she met Karl Swenson, who portrayed the Scandinavian Lars Hanson on Michael Landon's "Little House on the Prairie" NBC television series. Tompkins herself guest starred twice on Little House. The couple married sometime after Swenson and his first wife divorced (1960). They were married until his death in 1978.

Joan Tompkins died on January 29, 2005, in Orange County, California. She was 89.