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Samantha J. S. Monroe Piano Lesson 5×03
Johann Sebastian Monroe
Biographical Information
Name Johann Sebastian Monroe
Occupation Piano Teacher
President of the Alfredo Ferranini Fan Club
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Jonathan Harris
Episode "Samantha on the Keyboard"

Johann Sebastian Monroe was Samantha's mortal piano teacher.

Endora had cast a spell on Tabitha to make her a virtuoso pianist. When Mr. Monroe heard Tabitha, he wanted to put her on a concert tour. He refused to leave the Stephenses alone despite their protests.

Later that evening, Mr. Monroe came to the house with Maestro Alfredo Ferranini, the famous symphony conductor, to hear Tabitha play. They were surprised and shocked to hear what Tabitha really sounded like. Ferranini fired Mr. Monroe, who was the president of his fan club, and left in a huff. Mr. Monroe was crushed.

Samantha then told Mr. Monroe about a true prodigy she had found, Matthew Williams, in the hope that he would help that young man fulfill his potential and dreams of becoming a concert pianist.


The character is named after the 18th century German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.