John Van Millwood
John Van Millwood.jpg
First Appearance: Samantha's Good News
Portrayer: Murray Matheson
Species: Warlock
Occupation: Shakespearean Actor
Residence: Tasmania, Australia

John Van Millwood is Maurice's theatrical rival.

Maurice has a new personal secretary, Abigail Beecham, with whom he also has a romantic relationship. This enrages Endora who threatens divorce. Samantha suggests another tactic, one which sends her and Endora into gales of laughter.

Endora returns with John Van Millwood. Maurice is disgusted, but instantly jealous. John and Maurice treat each other with disdain and mock the other's performance of Romeo's soliloquy.

Bored with it all, Abigail decides to leave. John charms her and they leave together.

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