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Louise Larry Jonathan
Jonathan Tate
Biographical Information
Name Jonathan Tate
Nickname Jon
Born 1965
Residence New York MSA
Occupation Student
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Louise Tate (mother)
Larry Tate (father)
Relatives Aunt Harriet (maternal great-aunt)[1]
Aunt Millicent (maternal great-aunt)[2]
Maternal Grandmother (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Mitchell Silberman (Season 7)
Unknown infant actor (Season 2)
Unknown toddler actors (Season 3)
First Episode My Grandson, the Warlock
Last Episode Mixed Doubles
Episode Count 3

Jonathan Tate (Jon) is the son of Larry and Louise Tate.


By 1964 Larry and Louise had been married for sixteen years and had no children. Louise asked Samantha to go with her to her obstetrician as tests had shown she was going to be a mother. Louise told Samantha she was afraid to tell Larry because she believed he hated children. Later that evening at the Stephenses' home, Larry finally received the good news. He was overjoyed and the expectant parents embraced. ("...And Something Makes Three")


Jonathan was born sometime in 1965.

While in London, Larry asked Darrin and Samantha to take care of Jonathan. While visiting his daughter, Maurice mistook Jonathan for his grandson. He took him to the London Warlocks Club to present him to his friends. When he could not get Jonathan to perform any magic, Maurice slyly materialized a pacifier and pretended that the baby did it. However, his friends saw through this and lost interest. Before Maurice returned home with the baby, Darrin, Samantha and Endora had to run interference to keep the returning Tates from discovering their son was missing. ("My Grandson, the Warlock")

A year later in 1966, the Stephenses had plans to go out with the Tates. Aunt Clara agreed to babysit Tabatha. Larry and Louise asked if Aunt Clara could also babysit Jonathan. Samantha felt she had no other choice but to say yes. Aunt Clara decided to use witchcraft to amuse the children, but instead of creating a toy pony as was her intention, she created a second Jonathan, identical to the first.

By the time Samantha and Darrin returned home with the Tates, Aunt Clara had not resolved the situation because she could not remember the incantation she used. Furthermore, she could not remember which baby was the real Jonathan. While a flustered Aunt Clara worked to reverse her spell, Samantha stalled the Tates by telling them Jonathan was asleep and suggested they leave him overnight.

By morning, Clara still had not remembered the spell. Complications ensued when Louise and Larry arrived separately to pick up Jonathan. Samantha cast a spell on Aunt Clara to make her ten years younger and thus remember the spell. Clara reversed the spell and the duplicate Jonathan disappeared. ("Accidental Twins")



  • David White, who played Larry Tate, had a son named Jonathan.



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