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Julie Young 1966 PR photo
Julie Young
Role Tabatha Stephens
Biographical Information
Birthdate June 24, 1965
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Series Affiliations Tamar Young (sister)

Julie Young played Tabatha Stephens as an infant in the second season of Bewitched (1966). She shared the role with her twin sister, Tamar Young, and both were uncredited. They took over the role from Heidi and Laura Gentry.


Julie Young was born on June 24, 1965 in Los Angeles, California. She and Tamar played Tabitha in eleven episodes, beginning with "The Dancing Bear".

The twins earned $75 per day as "extras doing special business" (making more than the Gentry twins) because their roles were more clearly defined. In a 1966 TV Guide interview, their mother said, "The Young twins will be allowed to work only until they are two. The whole syndrome of child actors and parents bothers me."

Julie is married with children and is a teacher.

Updated May 9, 2020