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Kasey Rogers
Kasey Rogers
Role Louise Tate
Biographical Information
Birth Name Josie Imogene Rogers
Birthdate December 15, 1925
Birthplace Morehouse, Missouri, United States
Death Date July 6, 2006 (age 80)
Death Place Los Angeles, California, United States

Kasey Rogers portrayed Louise Tate, Larry's wife. She took over from Irene Vernon beginning in Season Three (1966-1972).


Kasey Rogers was born Josie Imogene Rogers to Ina Mae (Mocabee) and Eben Elijah Rogers. She moved with her family to California at age two and a half. She got the nickname "Casey" when her neighborhood playmates discovered how well she handled a baseball bat. She later changed the "C" in "Casey" to a "K". Paramount changed her name to Laura Elliott during her late 1940's - early 1950's stint there, but she went back to Kasey Rogers soon after leaving that studio. She played a brief, but memorable, role as Farley Granger's caustic estranged wife who is strangled by Robert Walker in Hitchcock's classic "Strangers on a Train" (1951).

Bewitched and Later Years[]

Due to her popular work on "Peyton Place" (1964) as Barbara Parkins' long-suffering mother, she was cast as Louise Tate without an audition. She remained with Bewitched through the remainder of its run (1966-1972).

After Bewitched, she mostly retired from acting. Rogers turned to writing. She wrote "The Bewitched Cookbook: Magic in the Kitchen" (1996) with her close companion and writing partner Mark Wood. She also successfully wrote several crafts and interior design books based on Bewitched.

After battling throat cancer for many years, Kasey went into cardiac arrest and suffered a stroke, dying from complications of the stroke.


  • Rogers had red hair. She originally wore a black bouffant wig on the Bewitched (1964) series in order to resemble the "first" Louise Tate, actress Irene Vernon. Once Kasey was firmly established in the role, she eventually stopped wearing the wig.
  • Kasey Rogers, Bernard Fox, and Erin Murphy, posed with the Samantha Stephens statue when TV Land unveiled it to the public in 2005.
  • After the taping of the episode "Mona Sammy", Kasey Rogers was given both of the paintings of Louise from the episode.
Episode Airdate
The Moment of Truth September 22, 1966
Accidental Twins October 6, 1966
The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara November 10, 1966
I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight November 17, 1966
Sam's Spooky Chair December 1, 1966
The Corn Is as High as a Guernsey's Eye January 26, 1967
I Remember You...Sometimes February 16, 1967
Art for Sam's Sake February 23, 1967
Bewitched, Bothered and Infuriated April 13, 1967
Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live April 27, 1967
Toys in Babeland September 14, 1967
Cheap, Cheap October 5, 1967
A Safe and Sane Halloween October 26, 1967
That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife November 9, 1967
Solid Gold Mother-in-Law November 30, 1967
Hippie, Hippie, Hooray February 1, 1968
A Prince of a Guy February 8, 1968
To Twitch or Not to Twitch March 14, 1968
Tabatha's Cranky Spell March 28, 1968
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall November 7, 1968
Samantha's French Pastry November 14, 1968
Samantha Loses Her Voice December 5, 1968
Instant Courtesy December 26, 1968
Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 1) January 9, 1969
What Makes Darrin Run? February 12, 1970
A Chance on Love March 19, 1970
Mona Sammy April 2, 1970
Samantha's Old Man December 3, 1970
Mixed Doubles March 4, 1971
Money Happy Returns March 18, 1971
The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself October 27, 1971
Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland November 17, 1971
Serena's Youth Pill February 5, 1972


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