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Kendrick Huxham
Kendrick Huxham
Roles Kendrick
Charles the Butler
Biographical Information
Full Name Frank Kendrick Huxham
Birthdate February 22, 1898
Birthplace Birchfield, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Death Date July 24, 1967 (age 69)
Death Place Hollywood, California, United States

Kendrick Huxham played two characters on Bewitched in Season Two (1965) and Season Four (1968).


Frank Kendrick Huxham was an English actor, known for The Twilight Zone (1959), One Step Beyond (1959) and Thriller (1960). His part of the butler in "Snob in the Grass" was his last role. He died five months before the first release of the episode.[1]

Kendrick Huxham died in Hollywood on July 24, 1967 from a heart attack. He was 69.[2]



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