Kermit 1×13.jpg
First Appearance: Love Is Blind
Portrayer: Adam West
Species: Mortal
Occupation: Commercial Artist at McMann & Tate
Spouse: Gertrude

Kermit is a commercial artist at McMann & Tate. He and Darrin Stephens are friends. Kermit was a playboy until Samantha invites him for dinner to meet her friend, Gertrude. He and Gertrude hit it off immediately - with a little magical help from Samantha.

Thinking Gertrude might be a witch, Darrin tries to keep them apart, eventually inviting Kermit's ex-girlfriend, Susan, to join them for dinner at a restaurant. Samantha magically influences Susan to get angry at Kermit and she storms off. Gertrude arrives and Kermit proposes to her. They get married in a church ceremony with Darrin and Samantha in attendance.

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