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Laura Gentry Dick York PR shot
Laura Gentry
Role Tabatha Stephens
Biographical Information
Birth Name Laura Ruth Gentry
Birthdate August 16, 1965
Birthplace Los Angeles County, California, United States
Series Affiliations Heidi Gentry (sister)

Laura Gentry played baby Tabatha Stephens in two second season episodes. She shared the role with her twin sister, Heidi Gentry, and they were both uncredited. They took over the role from Cynthia Black.


Laura Gentry was born on August 16, 1965 in Los Angeles County, California as Laura Ruth Gentry.

Laura and Heidi earned $27 each per day as "extras doing special business". In a 1966 TV Guide interview, their mother said she wanted her children to continue as thespians, "but not if it interferes with their schooling."

In an April 1966 interview, their mother said that the babies loved Dick York and would follow him with their eyes wherever he went in the room.

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