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Lindsay Workman
Lindsay Workman
Roles Doctor Koblin
Herman Drucker
Mr. Angel
Doctor at Rest Home
Biographical Information
Birthdate March 6, 1924
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Death Date April 24, 2012 (age 88)
Death Place Los Angeles, California, United States [1]

Lindsay Workman was a recurring co-star on Bewitched. He portrayed five characters across seven episodes. (1964-1970).


C. Lindsay Workman was a character and voice actor who had a career in film and television that started in the 1950s and continued until the early 1990s. His busiest time was during the 1960s and 1970s where he had dozens of guest roles in television series. He was also a voice actor and his work included Garfield and Mercedes Benz where he provided the distinguished voice for their commercials.

He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While still a child, he got his introduction to radio. He attended Pomona College and Yale University and there he studied literature and acting. During the 1950s, he was a member of the Scripps College theater department faculty. A family man, he was married and was the father of two children. He had also been active member of the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, something that meant a lot to him. He did community volunteering work for the Boy Scouts in the Los Angeles Area Council, and received awards for his service.

He died on April 24, 2012 in Claremont, California at the age of 88 following a short illness. [2]

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