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For Samantha's mother, see Endora.
For Endora as a child on Halloween, see Young Endora.
Little Endora 1×12
Little Endora
Biographical Information
Name Endora Stephens
Residence Darrin's Daydream
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Family Little Maurice (brother)
Rebecca (sister)
Samuel (brother)
Julius (brother)
one brother, two sisters (names not mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Maureen McCormick
Episode ...And Something Makes Three

Little Endora is Samantha and Darrin's daughter in a daydream.

For the first time in his marriage, Darrin begins to wonder what will happen when he and Samantha have children. Will they be witch or mortal? He begins to daydream while at work.

Eight children blow into his office. All are wearing witch capes and hats, and are flying around on brooms. Samantha appears and tells Darrin that all of their children are witches.

Two of his children have an argument. Little Maurice takes away Little Endora's candy and calls her fat. "Fat! Fat! The water rat!" Little Endora turns Little Maurice into a plant, but quickly changes him back after Samantha admonishes her.

Then they all disappear with Samantha in a gust of wind. Darrin snaps out of his daydream and wonders what he and Samantha have done.


Maureen McCormick was uncredited for playing this role.