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For Samantha's father, see Maurice.
Little Maurice 1×12
Little Maurice
Biographical Information
Name Maurice Stephens
Residence Darrin's Daydream
Species Warlock
Relationship Information
Family Little Endora (sister)
Rebecca (sister)
Samuel (brother)
Julius (brother)
one brother, two sisters (names not mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Michael F. Blake
Episode ...And Something Makes Three

Little Maurice is one of Samantha's and Darrin's warlock sons in a daydream.

He inherited his Grandfather Maurice's temperament and takes Little Endora's (his sister) candy and calls her fat. Little Endora turns him into a plant, but she changes him back immediately after Samantha orders her to do so. Afterwards, he chases his sister around Darrin's office.


Michael F. Blake was uncredited for playing Little Maurice.