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Little Pitchers Have Big Fears
Season 1, Episode 6
Series Episode 6
Airdate October 22, 1964
Written by Barbara Avedon
Directed by William Asher
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"The Witches Are Out"

Little Pitchers Have Big Fears is the sixth episode of the first season of Bewitched. The episode was completed by September 17, 1964.


Samantha befriends Marshall Burns, a boy with an overprotective mother. To get his spirits up, Samantha takes Marshall to a baseball game so he can practice for the team. They find out that Floyd Kravitz, Mrs. Kravitz's nephew, is the star player. Marshall makes Floyd think twice when he becomes a successful player, thanks to Sam's magic touches. Mrs. Burns thinks baseball is too dangerous and forbids Marshall to play.

Marshall runs away to play in the Junior League game. Samantha, Darrin and Mrs. Burns go to the ball game where they see Marshall making it big. Darrin has his eyes on Sam when she tries to help Marshall, but Marshall prevails without her magic. Coach Gribben offers to spend extra time with Marshall and Mrs. Burns accepts his kind offer.




  • This episode was partially remade as the third season episode, "Soapbox Derby".
  • This episode was completed on September 17, 1964, the same day the Bewitched pilot episode premiered.
  • The title refers to the saying, "Little pitchers have big ears."


  • This is the first episode in which Agnes Moorehead does not appear. Although she receives credit for playing Endora in the opening titles of all 254 Bewitched episodes, Moorehead made it clear early on that she had no wish to appear on a weekly basis. During this season, she was contracted to play Endora in at most eight out of every thirteen episodes.
  • Actor James Mathers (Marshall Burns) is the younger brother of actor Jerry Mathers who starred in the popular 1950s television comedy series, "Leave it to Beaver".


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