Lord Montdrako
Montdrako Endora 4×15.jpg
First Appearance: I Get Your Nannie, You Get My Goat
Portrayer: Reginald Gardiner
Species: Warlock
Occupation: English Lord
Residence: Castle

Lord Montdrako is a warlock who is a member of the English House of Lords. His servant, Elspeth, leaves him to be a nanny for Tabatha. Jealous of Elspeth, Endora brings Lord Montdrako to see Darrin and Samantha. Montdrako blames Darrin for Elspeth leaving him, and zaps Darrin into a mirror.

Elspeth tells Samantha that his lordship is lonely and that she was his only company. Samantha visits Lord Montdrako at his castle and convinces him to open his castle for tours so he will no longer be lonely. Grateful to Samantha, Montdrako releases Darrin from the mirror.

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