Magic is the supernatural energy in the universe that can alter the fabric of reality and defy the laws of nature. Witches and warlocks are beings with the inborn ability to use magic for a variety of effects.

Magic allows witches to:

  • Cast spells (charms, jinxes, hexes, and curses) which rhyme like poems that cause something unnatural to happen.
  • Conjure, vanish, summon, levitate, and transfigure objects and beings.
  • Teleport themselves (as well as others) to any location they want.
  • Make potions which are spells in liquid form that cause an effect if you drink it.
  • Fly (they can also use broomsticks and flying suits).

Witchcraft is also a skill because the more a witch practices the more powerful they become.  Witches learn how to use their powers at a young age like Tabitha and Adam as they often do strange things uncontrollably.  Witches inherit their powers from their parents. The gift of magic is great, but it can also cause problems and become dangerous.

A witch or warlock can cast their spells in several different ways to show signs of him or her using witchcraft.  One famous way is by twitching noses, like Samantha and Tabitha often do when using their powers. Another way is by using hand gestures such as pointing or snapping your fingers.  Witches can also speak incantations that rhyme and cause a supernatural effect. When a witch or warlock casts magic spells, the show featured musical sound effects to highlight the magic.

Witches and warlocks can use their magical powers anytime they want, but they tend to not use their magic in front of mortals, except Darrin.

The Witches Council can take away a witch's witchcraft if a warlock or witch fails to obey the council's rules or by giving up your magic. 

Special Effects[edit | edit source]

Here are a few sound effects recreated based on the originals:

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