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For characters by the name of Margaret, see Margaret (disambiguation).
Margaret Tab4
Biographical Information
Name Margaret
Occupation KXLA Stenographer
Paul Thurston's Secretary
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Montana Smoyer
Episode A Star Is Born

Margaret works in the steno pool at KXLA. She is a stern, no-nonsense woman who knows about Paul Thurston's womanizing ways. She becomes Tabitha's temporary replacement while Tabitha is filling in as the weather girl. Tabitha is only doing so until Marvin hires a permanent weather presenter.

Later, despite Tabitha's protests, Marvin informs her that Margaret has permanently filled the position and he has heard no complaints. Margaret suddenly storms out of Paul's office calling him a sex fiend after he asked her to work late. She goes back to the steno pool with Marvin's approval.