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Hawkins Family at Christmas 4×16
Margaret Hawkins
Biographical Information
Name Margaret Hawkins
Occupation Homemaker
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Hawkins (husband)
Children Son (name unknown)
Character Information
Portrayer Rosalyn Burbage
Episode Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here

Margaret Hawkins is married to Hawkins, Jesse Mortimer's butler. They have a son.

Mr. Mortimer makes her husband work late on Christmas Eve while he meets with Larry and Darrin to discuss his soup account. Hawkins is still working at 9 p.m. when Darrin leaves to go home to his family, over the objections of Mr. Mortimer.

Later that evening, Samantha takes Mr. Mortimer to see Santa Claus. When Santa and Samantha take him home, they stop by Hawkins' house. He and Samantha look inside the window and see Hawkins and Margaret playing with their son by the Christmas tree. Mr. Mortimer wonders why they are happy when they know they are poor. Samantha says, "Mr. Mortimer, you're rich. Are you happy?"

In the morning, Mr. Mortimer thinks the trip was a dream. Yet, the "dream" has given him a change of heart, so he gives Hawkins, Margaret and their son a vacation in Lake Placid for the holidays.


The character was credited as "Margaret".