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Matthew Williams 5×03
Matthew Williams
Biographical Information
Name Matthew Williams
Occupation Student
Specialty Pianist
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Robert Williams (father)
Character Information
Portrayer Gerald Edwards
Episode "Samantha on the Keyboard"

Matthew Williams is a child piano prodigy. Robert Williams is his father.

He practiced the piano at University High School at night where his father worked as a custodian. They did not have a piano at home so his dad "bends the rules a little" to let him practice on the piano there while he worked. Matthew learned how to play through correspondence courses. His ambition was to become a concert pianist.

Meanwhile, Endora cast a spell on Tabitha to make her a virtuoso pianist. Darrin challenged Samantha to learn to play the mortal way. Samantha's piano teacher, Johann Sebastian Monroe, heard Tabitha and wanted to put her on tour. He refused to leave the Stephenses alone despite their protests.

To get Monroe off their backs, Samantha cast a spell to lead her to a child pianist deserving of such attention. She heard "Liebesträume No. 3" by Franz Liszt and found Matthew.