Name: Maurice
Maurice Top Hat
First Appearance: Just One Happy Family
Last Appearance: Adam, Warlock or Washout?
Portrayer: Maurice Evans
Episode Count: 12
Species: Warlock
Occupation: Actor
Family: Tabitha Stephens (granddaughter)
Adam Stephens (grandson)
Darrin Stephens (son-in-law)
Serena (niece)
Arthur (brother-in-law)
Cousin Henry (nephew)
Spouse: Endora (separated)
Children: Samantha Stephens (daughter)
Relatives: Clara (unknown relation)
Hagatha (unknown relation)
Enchantra (unknown relation)
Grimalda (unknown relation)
Bertha (unknown relation)

Maurice is the warlock father of Samantha Stephens and is the husband of Endora.

Maurice is a member of the London Warlock's Club, a secret club for warlocks. He appears in seasons one through four, helping out Samantha. He also appears in the other seasons. Maurice is best known for his William Shakespeare quotes and his theatrical performances.

History Edit

Endora informed Samantha that Maurice was coming to visit. He was delighted to see them again, but was furious when his daughter married a mortal. Maurice eventually realized how much Samantha loved Darrin, and looked forward to having grandchildren.

Maurice later saw Jonathan Tate in Samantha's house and thought he was his grandson. Maurice was disappointed that Jonathan was not a warlock, but was glad when Samantha said the baby was not hers.

Maurice later witnessed some of Tabitha's first powers, and he was able to back Samantha's wish of not having Tabitha attend Hagatha's witch school.

Maurice was joyful when Samantha declared she was having another baby, and he was happy when Adam was born.

He witnessed Adam's first powers.

Physical Appearance Edit

Maurice is a fair-skinned man with gray hair. He almost always wears formal attire. In seasons one and two, he wore a regular tuxedo. In later seasons, he wears more theatrical ones. He sometimes wears old-fashioned suits. Oftentimes, Maurice wears a top hat and carries a fancy cane.

Personality Edit

When Maurice learned that Samantha was married to a mortal, his terrible temper ignited. His powers broke several things around the house, and thunder sounded. Maurice is also disloyal to his wife, Endora. He would hang with witches younger than he (or even mortal women), even kissing some. Additionally, Maurice is very theatrical and formal. He tends to quote many lines from and Shakespearean plays and perform in theaters. He will dress formally, oblivious to a degree on that matter. This is shown when Larry Tate asked if he was going to a wedding. Maurice seemed genuinely surprised at the question, despite his wearing an elegant suit. He is also strongly against mortal living, and acts hostile towards Darrin, but sometimes supports him. Like Endora, Maurice was always looking out for Samantha's wellbeing.


Trivia Edit


  • Maurice is the only or one of the few characters in Bewitched who is named after his portrayer.
  • The actor's name is pronounced "Morris" (as in England) while the character's name is pronounced "Maureece" (as in America).
  • It is ironic that Maurice hates mortals as he does not hate William Shakespeare, who was a mortal.


  • It is unknown how Maurice is related to some of Samantha's other relatives (Clara, Hagatha, Enchantra, Grimalda). Since witches are immortal and live for thousands of years, it is possible that Samantha's aunts are many degrees removed from her.
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