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Mel Stewart
Mel Stewart
Role Marvin Decker
Biographical Information
Birth Name Milton Stewart
Birthdate September 19, 1929
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Death Date February 24, 2002 (age 72)
Death Place Pacifica, California, United States[1]

Mel Stewart played Tabitha's boss, Marvin Decker, on the Tabitha television series (1977-1978).


Milton "Mel" Stewart was an American character actor, television director, and musician who appeared in numerous films and television shows from the 1960s to the 1990s. He is best known for playing Henry Jefferson on "All in the Family" and for playing section chief Billy Melrose on the television series "Scarecrow and Mrs. King".

In addition to acting and directing, Stewart was an accomplished jazz saxophonist. A longtime resident of San Francisco, he also taught acting at San Francisco State University. His students included actor Danny Glover.

He established the theater group Black Actors Now Through Unity (BANTU) and directed plays at the Center for African and African-American Art and Culture in San Francisco and the Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley, California.

On July 11, 1976, Stewart married Annie Dong. The couple had one child together, a daughter. On February 24, 2002, Mel Stewart died of Alzheimer's disease. He was 72.[2]

Tabitha Credits[]

In chronological order

  1. "The Pilot"
  2. "Tabitha's Weighty Problem"
  3. "Halloween Show"
  4. "A Star Is Born"
  5. "Minerva Goes Straight"
  6. "Mr. Nice Guy"
  7. "The Arrival of Nancy"
  8. "Tabitha's Triangle"
  9. "That New Black Magic"
  10. "What's Wrong With Mister Right?"
  11. "Paul Goes to New York"
  12. "Tabitha's Party"


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