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Minerva Ski Ep 5
Minerva Goes Straight
Season 1
Episode 5
Airdate November 26, 1977
Written by Jerry Mayer
Directed by Charles R. Rondeau [1]
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Minerva Goes Straight is the fifth episode of the first and only season of the Tabitha television series.


Minerva has had a number of disappointing dates with warlocks and feels frustrated. Tabitha suggests that Minerva try doing things the mortal way, so Minerva gets a secretarial job at the television station. She also joins Tabitha, Paul and Adam on a ski vacation and falls for a French ski instructor named Jean Claude LeMatt. The man is quick to charm her, but has a deserving reputation as a womanizer.[2]

After Tabitha catches Jean Claude with another woman, she casts a spell on him so he will only say and think of Minerva. The spell backfires and he eventually goes mad.

Later, Minerva tells Tabitha, "Gee, he wasn't as nifty as I thought." Afterwards, Minerva goes back to dating warlocks.






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