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Miss Ferndale
Miss Ferndale
Biographical Information
Name Miss Ferndale
Residence Salem, Massachusetts
Occupation Tour Guide
Museum Spokesperson
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Joan Hotchkis
First Episode The Salem Saga
Last Episode Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer

Miss Ferndale is a tour guide at the House of the Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts. She is the museum's spokesperson.

Samantha and Darrin take the tour while they are in town for the Witches' Convention and a vacation. Miss Ferndale instructs the tourists not to touch anything in the museum.

Unseen by the others, a bedwarmer begins to bother Samantha - flirtatiously hitting her backside and following her around the room. To avoid the mortals seeing a levitating bedwarmer, Samantha grabs it. Miss Ferndale sees Samantha holding the bedwarmer and admonishes her not to touch the antiques. After several more warnings, the tour is over and Miss Ferndale thanks everyone for coming - except for the Stephenses. As the tourists are leaving, the bedwarmer floats into the backseat of Darrin and Samantha's car. As they drive away, the bedwarmer is reported missing and Miss Ferndale memorizes the car's license plate.

Miss Ferndale arrives with the police at Samantha and Darrin's hotel. She expects to get the bedwarmer back, but it is now evidence in the crime and the police confiscate it. Darrin is arrested and put in jail.

Later, Samantha changes the bedwarmer back to warlock form as Newton, who had been transformed by Serena in the 17th century to avoid the witch persecutions.

With the evidence now missing, the case against Darrin is dismissed. Miss Ferndale complains to Judge Ferguson about the loss of the bedwarmer, but nothing can be done. Newton introduces himself and tells her he will replicate one for her. He has always been interested in her and she is immediately charmed.

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