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Mr. Brinkman 1×07
Mr. Brinkman
Biographical Information
Name Mr. Brinkman
Occupation Chief Executive Officer of Brinkman Candy
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Shelley Berman
Episode "The Witches Are Out"

Mr. Brinkman is a client of McMann & Tate who owns a Halloween candy company.

Brinkman wants Darrin to create a stereotypical, ugly witch for the campaign. Samantha hates the depiction and convinces Darrin to use the image of a beautiful witch instead. Mr. Brinkman does not like the idea and Larry fires Darrin.

Samantha, her aunts Clara and Bertha, and her friend Mary decide to protest against Mr. Brinkman. They appear in his bedroom at night and turn him into the stereotypical, ugly witch he wanted for the campaign. Horrified, he drops to his knees and pleads to be turned back. They do so after they obtain a promise from him to never again use the ugly stereotypes. They pop out and he wonders if it was a dream.

The next day a somber Mr. Brinkman approves Darrin's beautiful witch idea for the campaign, and Darrin is rehired.