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Mr Brockway Front Door 7×13
Mr. Brockway
Biographical Information
Name Mr. Brockway
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Mother (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Parley Baer
Episode "Sisters at Heart"

Mr. Brockway is a prospective client of McMann & Tate whose account is worth one million dollars.

When Lisa Wilson answers the door at the Stephenses' house, Mr. Brockway thinks she is Darrin's daughter, thus the child of a mixed race marriage. He tells Larry he wants Darrin off of his account.

That night at the office Christmas party at the Stephenses' home, Mr. Brockway discovers his error and wants Darrin back on the account. Upon hearing this, Larry tells him they are not interested and to take his business elsewhere. Then Samantha magically causes Brockway to see everyone - including his mirror reflection - with dark skin. He leaves in astonishment.

The next day he pays a visit to the Stephenses and the Wilsons to apologize and confess he is a racist. He admits he wants to change. Samantha invites him to stay for dinner and he humbly accepts.