Mr. Johnson (A Vision Of Sugar Plums)
Name: Mr. Johnson
Mr Johnson Sugar Plums 1×15.jpg
First Appearance: A Vision of Sugar Plums
Last Appearance: A Vision of Sugar Plums (season two repeat)
Portrayer: Bill Daily
Species: Mortal
Occupation: Unknown
Spouse: Mrs. Johnson
Children: Michael (adopted son)

Mr. Johnson is the husband of Mrs. Johnson and adoptive father of Michael.

Mr. Johnson, his wife, and Mrs. Grange arrive at the Stephens' household. The Johnsons exchange greetings with Samantha and Darrin. Michael meets his adoptive parents and says he has something for them. Mr. Johnson is surprised and happy at this. He and his son open the gift. Later, Mr. Johnson and his family leave.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Mr. Johnson was not the only character portrayed by Bill Daily in a magic-themed program. Daily would later play the role of Major Roger Healey in "I Dream of Jeannie".

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