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Mr. Potter 7×05
Mr. Potter
Biographical Information
Name John Paul Potter III
Residence Massachusetts
Specialty Inebriation
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Dick Wilson
First Episode The Salem Saga
Last Episode Darrin on a Pedestal
Episode Count 3

Mr. Potter (John Paul Potter III) is a drunk who roams the streets of Gloucester and Salem, Massachusetts.

Mr. Potter witnesses some strange events he attributes to witches. In Salem, he sees Endora change the ugly witch tourism signs to signs with a beautiful witch. He sees a bedwarmer levitate and whack Darrin over the head. He sees Samantha appear and disappear in the jail cell he shares with Darrin.

In Gloucester, he sees Samantha and Serena popping in and out of the Gloucester House restaurant where he is getting sauced at the bar.

He tells anyone who will listen about the astounding things he has seen, but the police disbelieve him, attributing it to drunken hallucinations.



  • The character was credited as "Old Timer".