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For McMann & Tate's baby food client, see Mr. Robbins.
Robbins Salesman Tab7
Mr. Robbins (salesman)
Biographical Information
Name Mr. Robbins
Occupation Rental Car Salesman
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Wife (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Dick Wesson
Episode The Arrival of Nancy

Mr. Robbins is an unethical rental car salesman who works at Hollywood Rent-a-Car in Los Angeles.

Newly arrived in town, Nancy Kravitz rents a car from him. Mr. Robbins tells her that if she wants to be noticed in Hollywood then she needs a Rolls Royce. So he signs her to a contract and charges her sixty dollars a day.

When Tabitha finds out, she pops over to help her friend. She tells Nancy she needs to rent an affordable car like a compact. However, Mr. Robbins refuses to break the contract saying a deal is a deal. Then he insults Nancy, calling her a "dizzy dame".

Tabitha decides to teach him a lesson and magically spins him around until he himself is dizzy. As he slows to a stop and staggers around, she snatches the contract from his hand. She and Nancy then hurry away.