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Mr. Rohrbach 4×01
Mr. Rohrbach
Biographical Information
Name Mr. Rohrbach
Occupation Steel Company President
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer J. Edward McKinley
Episode Long Live the Queen

Mr. Rohrbach is a prospective client of McMann & Tate. He is the president of his steel company.

He meets with Darrin in his home to discuss the campaign. Liking what he hears, Mr. Rohrbach says it will take a few weeks to sever relations with his current agency before signing with McMann & Tate.

A bird flies through the house unnerving Mr. Rohrbach and making Darrin anxious. The bird is one of Queen Samantha's subjects seeking release from a curse so he can transform into his original form. More subjects come through the front door - a chair, a lamp - right in front of Mr. Rohrbach.

Mr. Rohrbach wants no part of this craziness, nor of McMann & Tate, and flees the house.