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Mr. Springer 4×10
Mr. Springer
Biographical Information
Name Mr. Springer
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Owner of Springer Pet Food
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Mrs. Springer
Character Information
Portrayer Herb Voland
Episode That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife

Mr. Springer is the owner of Springer Pet Food. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

He and his wife have lunch with Darrin and Samantha, who have traveled to Chicago for the weekend to socialize with them. He tells Darrin the most important ingredient of any product is the pride of the man who makes it. He is most proud of their birdseed. He once ate a whole box just to prove to a skeptical salesman how fit it is for animals.

During the course of the luncheon, Mr. and Mrs. Springer become fond of Darrin and Samantha. He decides to renew the account and calls Larry to give him the good news. Through a misunderstanding with Larry, Mr. Springer thinks Darrin brought a mistress to Chicago instead of Samantha. He tells his wife who is shocked by the news and feels faint. They leave.

Later, he calls Larry to say he does not want a man like that to represent Springer Pet Food to the public nor does he think McMann & Tate would want to employ him. He terminates his account.

Mr. Springer later renews with McMann & Tate when Larry promises to fire Darrin.

The next day, he comes to New York to sign the renewal. He then discovers that Samantha really is Darrin's wife. They clear up the misunderstanding and he invites all of them to join him and his wife at their hotel for dinner that evening.