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Mr. & Mrs. Johnson 1×15
Mrs. Johnson
Biographical Information
Name Mrs. Johnson
Occupation Homemaker
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Mr. Johnson
Children Michael (adopted son)
Character Information
Portrayer Gerry Johnson
First Episode A Vision of Sugar Plums
Last Episode A Vision of Sugar Plums (season two repeat)

Mrs. Johnson is Mr. Johnson's wife. They have been interested in adopting Michael for a long time.

Mrs. Grange, the orphanage director, brings Mr. and Mrs. Johnson to Samantha and Darrin's home on Christmas Day to visit Michael, who is spending Christmas with the Stephenses. Mrs. Johnson gives Michael a present from her and her husband.

Michael in turn gives a present to Mr. Johnson. It is a toolbox, and Michael gives it with the promise that they could built a whole lot of neat things. Mr. Johnson is moved and the two of them open the present while Mrs. Johnson looks on.  

Later, as the Johnsons and Michael are leaving, Samantha tells Michael he is welcome to come back anytime. Mrs. Johnson says they will see to that.