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Nancy Priddy
Nancy Priddy
Roles Stewardess #1
Esmeralda's Mirror Image
Biographical Information
Full Name Nancy Jeanne Priddy
Birthdate January 22, 1941
Birthplace South Bend, Indiana, United States[1]

Nancy Priddy played two characters in the season seven episodes "The Salem Saga" and "Samantha's Magic Mirror" (1970-1971).


Nancy Jeanne Priddy is an American film and television actress, vocalist and songwriter. Although better known to the public at large as an actress, she also enjoyed a sporadic recording career, in 1968 releasing her lone LP, "You've Come This Way Before", a minor classic of psychedelic folk.

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, Priddy later studied Liberal Arts at Oberlin College, eventually graduating from the Northwestern School of Drama. Her fledgling theatrical career included a stint doing cabaret, and in 1964 she relocated to Greenwich Village, joining the folk combo The Bitter End Singers and making her recorded debut on the 1964 Mercury release "Discover the Bitter End Singers".

Priddy exited the group a year later to resume her acting career, eventually returning to the Chicago area. There she began writing her own songs, recording a series of now-lost demo sessions. Upon landing back in New York City in 1967, she also contributed backing vocals to the classic "Songs of Leonard Cohen". At the end of 1967, Priddy and aspiring producer Phil Ramone initiated work on "You've Come This Way Before", a dreamy, far-reaching acid-folk effort featuring contributions from jazz arranger Manny Albam and funk drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. Issued with virtually no fanfare on Dot Records in late 1968, the album quickly disappeared.

During a subsequent visit to Dot's Los Angeles headquarters, Priddy met her future husband, staff producer Bob Applegate. (The couple's daughter, Christina Applegate, later co-starred in the long-running television sitcom "Married...with Children" before mounting a feature film career.)

During her SoCal stay Priddy also cut a single with producer Harry Nilsson, the 1969 release "Feelings". After contributing to composer Mort Garson's multi-volume opus "Signs of the Zodiac", she effectively retired from music, renewing her focus on acting and later appearing in films (Short Walk to Daylight, The Aliens Are Coming) and television (Bewitched, The Waltons, and Barnaby Jones).

Following a lengthy but triumphant battle with breast cancer, Priddy returned to music in the early 1990s, self-releasing a series of LPs including "Can We Talk About It?" and "Mama's Jam".[2]

May 8, 2020

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