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Naomi Hogan
Biographical Information
Name Naomi Hogan
Occupation Maid
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Children Son (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Alice Ghostley
Episode "Maid to Order"

Naomi Hogan is a maid whom Darrin hired in 1966 to make life easier for Samantha while she was pregnant with Tabatha.

Naomi was completely incompetent as a maid. When the Stephenses had the Tates over for dinner, Naomi burned the roast and made a thick consommé soup. Samantha came to check on dinner and had to turn the soup into a broth. She told Naomi, "It just needed a little stirring." Then Samantha twitched the roast to be edible ("It just needed a little basting."). Naomi was amazed.

The next day, Louise asked Darrin if Naomi could come that evening to make the same meal for an important business dinner. When Samantha found out, she popped over to the Tate's home unseen and gave Naomi some magical assistance.


The Tates referred to their absent maid as "Esmeralda". This will become the name of the witch-maid Alice Ghostley will play in Season Six.