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Aunt Minerva zaps up her home remedy potion to cure Tabitha's cold.

Natural Magic is the ability of a witch or warlock to use the elements of earth, air, fire or water to magically alter reality. It is also the ability to command the elements to do their bidding.


  • Sarah Baker gives Darrin a love potion to make him fall in love with her.[1]
  • At a party at KXLA, Aunt Minerva spikes some dip with a love potion to make Tabitha and Paul Thurston fall in love. Later, Dr. Bombay is called in to make an antidote for the potion.[2]
  • Endora causes gusts of wind to blow Darrin's and Samantha's living room to pieces.[3]
  • Samantha blows out a candle at a dinner party to cause a gust of wind to blow through Sheila Sommers' house and send her wig flying.[4]
  • Endora casts a spell to make it rain on Darrin.[5]
  • Aunt Minerva makes it snow to fulfill Tabitha's weather prediction.[6]
  • Samantha creates a burst of fire in a seventeenth century Salem courtroom. She then turns herself into a bucket of water and extinguishes the fire.[7]
  • Endora angrily disappears in a ball of fire and smoke.[8]


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