First Appearance: The Salem Saga
Last Appearance: Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer
Portrayer: Noam Pitlik
Species: Warlock
Residence: Salem, Massachusetts

Newton is a warlock who unsuccessfully courts Serena in seventeenth century Salem. Serena tells him that he is suspected as being a witch. He tries to pop out, but cannot because his powers fail him when he gets anxious. To avoid discovery by mortals, Serena turns him into a bedwarmer.

By 1970 he is still a bedwarmer, but now is an antique in the museum of The House of the Seven Gables. When Samantha and Darrin take a tour, he mistakes Samantha for Serena and gets jealous of Darrin. Even as a bedwarmer he still has powers. He levitates into the Stephens' car before they leave the museum.

Later, Darrin is accused of stealing the bedwarmer and is put in jail. Samantha investigates and discovers Serena is the witch who changed him. Samantha gets the spell from her cousin.

Samantha transforms Newton back into a man. With the loss of the evidence, the case against Darrin is thrown out of court. Miss Ferndale, tour guide and spokesperson for the museum, laments the loss of the bedwarmer, so Newton tells her he will make a replica for her. Newton has always been fond of her and she is charmed.

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