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North Pole 1×15
North Pole
General Information
Name North Pole
Type Geographical
Subtype Real World
Location Top of the World
Significance Location of Santa Claus' Workshop
Series Connections
Characters Santa Claus
Samantha Stephens
Darrin Stephens
Jesse Mortimer
Episodes A Vision of Sugar Plums
Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here

The North Pole is where Santa Claus' home and workshop are located. Unlike the real world, there is land at the North Pole in the Bewitched universe.


Samantha and Darrin pick up Michael from the orphanage and bring him home for the holidays to spend Christmas with them. Their efforts to get Michael to share in the festivities of the season fail because he does not believe Santa Claus is real.

After Michael admits that he would believe in Santa Claus if he really existed, Samantha takes him and Darrin on her broomstick to the North Pole, where Michael meets Santa Claus. Later, back at home, Darrin and Michael awake. Although both feel they have dreamed the trip, Michael now believes in Santa Claus. (1964)[1][2]

At the Stephens' house at Thanksgiving dinner, Aunt Clara suggests visiting Santa at the North Pole the night before Christmas as an educational opportunity for Tabitha. (1967) ("Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember")

McMann & Tate client Jesse Mortimer, a cynical and cantankerous man, thinks Christmas is a bunch of nonsense and calls it humbug. Samantha decides to show him the true spirit of Christmas by taking him to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Although Mr. Mortimer thinks it was all a dream, he finds some Christmas cheer. He brings a gift to the Stephenses on Christmas Day and sends his butler and family to Lake Placid for the holidays. (1967) ("Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here")


The North Pole is the northern end of Earth’s axis, lying in the Arctic Ocean, about 450 miles (725 km) north of Greenland. The geographic pole, located at a point where the ocean depth is about 13,400 feet (4,080 metres) deep and covered with drifting pack ice, experiences six months of complete sunlight and six months of total darkness each year.[3]



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