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Bombay Nurse Gloria Tab12
Nurse Gloria
Biographical Information
Name Gloria Bombay
Occupation Nurse
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Dr. Bombay
Character Information
Portrayer Timothy Blake
Episode Tabitha's Party

Nurse Gloria is Dr. Bombay's mortal nurse and assistant. They are engaged to be married.

She appears with Dr. Bombay when Tabitha calls him to get an antidote for a love potion. When he zaps up a table with different potions, she exclaims with delight how she loves it when he performs magic.

Later, after Tabitha has removed the love spell from everyone, Cassandra tells her that she is not off the hook. The Witches Council has decided there must be another mixed marriage between witch and mortal, and they have decided Tabitha and Paul Thurston must marry.

Gloria gushes about how she loves all the spells and witch talk. When Tabitha realizes that Gloria is not a witch, she tells Cassandra that Dr. Bombay and Gloria are the mixed marriage the council wants. Although engaged, Dr. Bombay protests that he is not ready to marry just yet, but Cassandra overrules him and performs their ceremony. The newlyweds kiss and pop out.