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Nurse Kelton
Nurse Kelton
Biographical Information
Name Nurse Kelton
Occupation Maternity Ward Head Nurse
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Eve Arden
Episode And Then There Were Three

Nurse Kelton is the head nurse of the maternity ward where Tabatha Stephens is born.

Nurse Kelton is a stern, no-nonsense mortal woman who objects to the massive amounts of floral arrangements that Endora and Serena zap up for Samantha, saying they take up too much oxygen. Refusing to tolerate Endora's interference, Nurse Kelton stands up to Endora, prompting Samantha to tell her mother that she may have met her match. When Nurse Kelton confronts Serena, Serena turns her into a frog.

Eventually the magical antics take their toll on Nurse Kelton who exclaims that her job has finally gotten to her.