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Ocky 3×09
Biographical Information
Name Ocky
Alias Lord Ockham, Duke of Dunstable
Residence Dunstable on Tyne
Occupation Tourist Hotel Proprietor
Species Warlock
Relationship Information
Significant Other Aunt Clara (girlfriend)
Character Information
Portrayer Reginald Owen
First Episode The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara
Last Episode McTavish
Episode Count 2

Ocky is Aunt Clara's boyfriend. He lives in a haunted castle in England. ("McTavish (episode)")

Ocky left Aunt Clara for a younger witch. Bereft, Clara volunteered to babysit Tabatha when Darrin and Samantha went out to a business dinner. When she accidentally caused the lights across the entire Eastern Seaboard to go out due to a miscalculated spell, she called Ocky to help. Meanwhile, he had left the young witch because she was only interested in what he could do for her.

Although his own powers were starting to wane, he tried to help Clara fix the problem. However, he was only able to restore the electricity at the Stephenses' home, and only then with his arms stretched up above his head.

Ocky's Castle England 4×23

Ocky's castle in Dunstable on Tyne, England

In order to leave the house "unnoticed" after Darrin, Samantha, Larry and a client arrived, he became invisible, except for his shoes, and walked out of the house. ("The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara")