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Oliver McGowan
Oliver McGowan
Roles Mr. Harding
J. P. Waterhouse
Biographical Information
Birthdate August 22, 1907
Birthplace Kipling, Alabama, United States
Death Date August 23, 1971 (age 64)
Death Place Hollywood, California, United States[1]

Oliver McGowan played two clients in the second season - Mr. Harding in "Junior Executive" (1965) and J. P. Waterhouse in "The Girl With the Golden Nose" (1966).


Oliver McGowan was an American character actor of television and film. He was born on August 22, 1907, in Kipling, Alabama.

He had a short motion picture career lasting ten years from 1957 to 1967, only appearing in five movies - The Joker Is Wild (1957), Palm Springs Weekend (1963) performing opposite Bill Mumy, Stagecoach (1966) and Banning (1967).

McGowan was mostly known for his seventy-five television guest appearances including Maverick, Sugarfoot, Playhouse 90, Route 66, Empire (1962-1963), Perry Mason (1964-1966), Star Trek (1966), Family Affair (1967-1969), Father Knows Best (1959), The Man from Blackhawk, Grindl (1963, with Felix Silla), The Farmer's Daughter (1964), Bewitched (1965), My Three Sons (1966), The Wild Wild West, Insight (1967), Mannix and Bracken's World (1970).

McGowan was a regular on at least three television theater shows, including his first role in Letters to Loretta (1957-1958), Kraft Suspense Theatre (1964), and Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (1965)

Oliver McGowan died in Hollywood, California, only a day after his 64th birthday on August 23, 1971.[2]


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