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James Walter White - Oscar TAB 6
Biographical Information
Name Oscar
Occupation Professional Basketball Player
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer James Walter White
Episode Mr. Nice Guy

Oscar is a professional basketball player whom Paul Thurston interviews on his talk show.

Oscar tells Paul that basketball is a tough game and if they want him to play, they have to pay him $350,000 for the entire season.

Paul remarks that is a lot of money. Oscar asks Paul if he makes that kind of money to which Paul replies, no. Oscar says he does not deserve it anyway.

Paul does not insult him like he would normally do on the show because he is under Minerva's spell to be nice to everyone.

Oscar snaps back that he will not answer another question. He says he never liked Paul's crummy show and he never liked Paul either. He gets up, calls Paul a "turkey" and storms out.