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Parley Baer
Parley Baer
Roles Mr. Bigelow
Mr. Brockway
Mr. Burkeholder
Walter Franklin
Dr. Matthew Kramer
Mr. Nickerson
James Dennis Robinson
Desk Sergeant
Biographical Information
Birthdate August 5, 1914
Birthplace Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Death Date November 22, 2002 (age 88)
Death Place Los Angeles, California, United States[1]

Parley Baer was a recurring co-star on Bewitched. He portrayed eight characters, mostly clients (1966-1972).


Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Parley Baer was a veteran character performer of more then forty films and countless television shows. He began his career on radio in the 1940s, being featured on programs such as "A Tooth for Paul Revere", "Dragnet", "Lux Radio Theatre", "The Whistler" and many more. For television, his credits included "Ozzie and Harriet", "Gunsmoke", "The Rifleman", "Green Acres", "Hogan's Heroes", "Dukes of Hazzard" and his role as Mayor Stoner on the "The Andy Griffith Show". Baer was also the voice of Ernie Keebler on the Keebler cookies commercials in the 1990s.

For feature films, he appeared in "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962), plus many Disney Studio films to include "The Ugly Dachshund", "Follow the Boys" and "Those Calloways".

Parley Baer died of a stroke at age 88 in Los Angeles, California.[2]

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