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Paul Goes to New York
Season 1
Episode 11
Airdate January 7, 1978
Written by Bernie Kahn
Directed by Charles R. Rondeau
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Paul Goes to New York is the eleventh episode of the first and only season of the Tabitha television series.


Paul Thurston announces on his show that he is going to New York to host a national game show. While the station scrambles for a replacement, Tabitha finds Renee Cummings, a local gossip columnist, to take over. Renee attacks the guests and sets the members of the production staff against each other. Tabitha and Minerva go to New York and find that Paul is just a backstage announcer for a game show and they convince him to return. Since they cannot fire the new host, Renee and Paul both do the show while stepping all over each other. Tabitha gives the "catty" gossip columnist the personality of a cat and the station gets rids of her.[1]



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