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Paul Revere Rides Again
Season 7, Episode 6
Series Episode 206
Paul Revere Samantha 7×06
Airdate October 29, 1970
Written by Phil Sharp & Henry Sharp
Directed by Richard Michaels [1]
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"Darrin on a Pedestal"
"Samantha's Bad Day in Salem"

Paul Revere Rides Again is the sixth episode of the seventh season and the 206th episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by August 13, 1970.[2]


While Darrin and Samantha are in Salem, Larry sends them a gift via special messenger: a replica Paul Revere teapot. The catch is that Larry wants Darrin to regift the teapot to Sir Leslie Bancroft, a visiting potential client from London, a meeting with [whom] Larry wants Darrin to attend despite Darrin being on vacation. Sir Leslie, the owner of British Imperial Textiles, is a Revolutionary War buff, hence the gift of the teapot.

Despite Darrin initially having no intention of attending the meeting, a problem nonetheless ensues when Larry, with Sir Leslie in tow, comes to retrieve the teapot. [However], Esmeralda had taken it back to New York with her along with all the other purchases Samantha and Darrin have made in Salem thus far. So Samantha has to contact Esmeralda to send the teapot back to Salem via witchcraft.

A further problem arises when Esmeralda's failed witchcraft sends Paul Revere in the flesh to Samantha and Darrin's hotel room instead of the teapot. Waiting for Esmeralda's witchcraft to wear off, Samantha has to keep Paul from meeting Sir Leslie, the former who may once again believe "that the British are coming" if he does.[3]






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