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Paul Thurston
Biographical Information
Name Paul Thurston
Residence Los Angeles, California
Occupation Talk Show Host
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Sister (mentioned)
Relatives Brother-in-Law (mentioned)
Significant Other Tabitha Stephens (non exclusive dating)
Former Sherry MacBride (romantic interest)
Victoria (romantic interest)[1]
Character Information
Portrayer Robert Urich
First Episode The Pilot
Last Episode Tabitha's Party
Episode Count 12
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Paul Thurston is the conceited host of The Paul Thurston Show at KXLA. Tabitha is his administrative assistant. He and Tabitha are interested in each other, but his narcissism complicates things for Tabitha.


In chronological order

  1. The Pilot
  2. Tabitha's Weighty Problem
  3. Halloween Show
  4. A Star Is Born
  5. Minerva Goes Straight
  6. Mr. Nice Guy
  7. The Arrival of Nancy
  8. Tabitha's Triangle
  9. That New Black Magic
  10. What's Wrong With Mister Right?
  11. Paul Goes to New York
  12. Tabitha's Party