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Paula ep 3
Biographical Information
Name Paula
Age 92 years
Occupation Hit Witch
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Family Mother (mentioned)
Father (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Dena Crowder
Episode Halloween Show

Paula is a Holdback Witch, meaning she refuses to grow up. She has stayed in a seven-year-old body for eighty-five years, making her ninety-two years old.

Cassandra sends Paula to make Paul Thurston's life miserable after he mocks witches on his television show. She turns Marvin's son, Junior, into a turkey and Paul into a werewolf.

Tabitha casts a spell to lock Paula, Junior and herself in an elevator. She explains to Paula that she has a past and a present, but no future; and it is possible that she and Junior could become friends. After Paula changes Junior back, she realizes she likes him and decides to give growing up a try.