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Pleasure O'Riley 1×25
Pleasure O'Riley
Biographical Information
Name Priscilla O'Riley
Nickname Pleasure
Residence 1162 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut
Occupation Model
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Danger O'Riley (sister)
Former Thor "Thunderbolt" Swenson (ex-boyfriend)
Character Information
Portrayer Kipp Hamilton
Episode "Pleasure O'Riley (episode)"

Pleasure O'Riley is Samantha and Darrin's new neighbor. She is a beautiful model with an extremely jealous ex-boyfriend, Thor "Thunderbolt" Swenson. She has a younger sister, Danger O'Riley, who house-sat for her when she was away on her honeymoon.


Danger Mailbox 1×30

Pleasure's sister, Danger, by the mailbox

Some sources list her last name as "O'Reilly", but this is incorrect. The mailbox and the credits list her as "O'Riley".