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Prince Charming
Prince Charming
Biographical Information
Name Prince Charming
Alias Cousin Charlie
Origin Storybook
Occupation Prince
Species Storybook Character
Relationship Information
Significant Other Sleeping Beauty
Character Information
Portrayer  William Bassett
Episode "A Prince of a Guy"

Prince Charming is a fairytale prince in one of Tabatha's storybooks.

Bewitched Character[]

Tabatha wished Prince Charming out of a storybook and brought him to life. Until Tabatha could get him back into the book, Samantha zapped him into modern clothing and introduced him as her Cousin Charlie to the mortals downstairs. True to his nature, he completely charmed Louise, Darrin's cousin, Helen, and later the client's wife.

To get the prince back into the book, Samantha brought Sleeping Beauty to life to show him what he would be missing if he chose to stay in the real world. He kissed her and she awakened. Now that he wanted to return to the story, Tabitha and Samantha zapped the characters back into the book.